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Danielle Nelisse is an experienced immigration attorney who was admitted in the District of Columbia in 1999 and practices exclusively 100% immigration law in all 50 American states and abroad. 

Since 1999 she has successfully handled hundreds of immigration cases for individuals and companies to obtain work visas and marriage green cards for foreign nationals who are coming to America from countries worldwide.  She is very experienced with marriage green cards for same sex couples, and in processing work visas for veterinarians.

If you wish to live in the USA permanently by getting a marriage green card or live in the USA temporarily by getting a work visa, you can inquire by contacting us to discuss your American immigration needs at no charge.

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As an immigration attorney licensed by the District of Columbia, federal law 8 CFR §292.1(a)(1) allows Attorney Nelisse to practice immigration law before the USCIS, ICE, CBP, and the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) in all states. Nelisse is not admitted by the state of Hawaii, but is allowed to practice 100% immigration law in all states.

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American employers may be willing to sign the paperwork for an H1B1 work visa  for professional employees who are citizens of Chile or Singapore.

Certain professionals (those with a 4 year college degree, or the equivalent)  granted an H1B1 visa are allowed to enter the USA temporarily to work for 18 months at a time, but only if they are hired for a job that is considered a “specialty occupation.”

How Do I Get an H1b1 Visa?H1B1 work visa chile labor condition application lca

There are 2 ways:

1. Make an appointment at a U.S. Embassy outside of the USA.  Show the Consular Officer the correct documents.  Ask for an H1B1 visa (the process takes about 2-3 weeks) ; or,

2. If you are already inside the USA in legal status (not ESTA Visa Waiver) ask the American employer to mail a request to the USCIS for an H1B1 visa.  It will take the USCIS 4-6 months to process the application (no expedite is possible) and you cannot start working until it is approved. Most American employers do not wish to wait, so this option is not chosen every often.

For my first H1b1 Visa, can I go to a U.S. Embassy that is not in my Home Country?

Sometimes. The best way to find out is to email the U.S. Embassy you wish to go to and ask. Most of  the times you will get an email back that ways “you can make an appointment, but we cannot guarantee your success” and then you will have to decide whether you want to give it a try.

For my second H1b1 Visa, can I go to a U.S. Embassy that is not in my Home Country?

Yes, there is a higher chance of success, but unfortunately there is no guarantee.  However, the U.S. Embassies that are not in your home country are more comfortable granting a second H1B1 visa if another U.S. Embassy already granted you one previously.

What Are Specialty Occupations for H1b1 Visas?

Specialty occupations for H1b1 visas are usually jobs that require a 4 year college degree at the minimum. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Business persons who do not possess a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent, but who will engage in the professions of: for Chileans only – Agricultural Managers, and Physical Therapists, and for both Chileans and Singaporeans – Disaster Relief Claims Adjusters; or,
  • Foreign nationals from Chile and Singapore who are Management Consultants who hold a baccalaureate degree in other than their specialty area.


 “I just wanted to check in with you to let you know the H1B1 visa application at the Embassy went well and I’m back in the USA on my H1B1 visa! So thank you ever so much for your help during this process.  You were so incredibly helpful and clear with what needed to be done and it was such a painless procedure as such. “

Dr. NM from Singapore, Veterinarian

As an experienced Immigration Attorney, I can help with the following:

  • Educational Evaluation (to prove foreign degree is equal to a American 4 year degree);
  • Labor Condition Application (LCA);
  • New H1B1-Visa;
  • Transfer from an H4 Visa to an H1B1 Visa;
  • Transfer from an F-1 Student Visa to an H1B1 Visa;
  • Extension of an existing H1B1 Visa;
  • Transfer from a B1/B2 Visa to an H1B1 Visa; or,
  • Transfer from a TN visa to an H1B1 Visa.

Spouses and children (unmarried children under the age of 21) who wish to live in the U.S. with the H1b1 Visa professional worker can also get an H4 visa.

What is the exact definition of an H1B1 Visa specialty occupation?

The definition of “specialty occupation” for an H1b1 Visa is one that requires:

  • A complex job that requires theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge; AND,
  • A Bachelor’s or higher degree (equivalent to an American 4 year college degree) that matches the job – for example, a finance degree for a financial analyst, an engineering degree for an engineer job, a DVM for a veterinarian position, etc).


Does my American employer need to get an LCA (Labor Condition Application) certified on my behalf for an H1B1 Visa?  How?

Yes. American employers  must obtain a certified Labor Condition Application (LCA) from the U.S. Department of Labor.  Most American employers do not know how to get an LCA certified, and hire American immigration attorneys to do it for them. We are often hired by American employers to get an  LCA certification (also known as an ETA 9035E or 9035E ) on the employer’s behalf.

Can my family accompany me if I get an H1B1 Visa?

Yes, the spouse and unmarried children (under 21 years of age) of H1B1 Visa holders are eligible for dependent H4 visa status. The dependent spouse and children of an H1B1 non-immigrant do not have to be Chilean or Singaporean Citizens to be eligible for H4 status.

May spouses of H1B1 Visa holders work?

Regrettably, spouses and children are not authorized to work while in the U.S. in H4 visa status, but they are permitted to study.

Is there a cap (annual numerical limit) on the number of H1B1 Visas issued each year?

The Chile & Singapore Free Trade Agreement requires that the USCIS reserve 6,800 H1B visas for eligible citizens of Chile and Singapore.  H4 dependents (spouses and children) are not counted toward this annual limit, nor are H1B1 extension applications. We do not expect that the annual limit of H1b1 visas will be reached (at least so far it has never been reached).

What are the employer’s obligations for H1B1 Visa sponsorship?

The salary offered to the H1B1 Visa worker must be high enough to meet the Department of Labor’s prevailing wage requirements for the job offered in the geographic location where you will work.  The employer must also keep a special “public access” file that includes your salary information at the workplace that is available for public inspection.

How long is my H-1B1 Visa valid? 12 Months or 18 Months?

The Department of State tells the U.S. Consulates abroad to issue an 18 month visa sticker for H1B1 visas.  The purpose of the H1b1 visa stamp (sticker in passport) is to allow a person to enter the USA in H1B1 visa status. THE H1B1 ENTRY ALONE DOES NOT GRANT WORK AUTHORIZATION.

When an H1b1 visa holder enters the USA, the American immigration officers at the airport or border can only give an I-94 entry record expiration date that allows 12 months entry at a time (or less if the H1b1 stamp in the passport, the LCA, or the passport itself expires sooner). There is a special law (see below) that restricts each entry of an H1B1 visa holder to 12 months or less.

Here’s another way to look at it: an H1B1 visa holder must have 4 things to prove they are in legal status and have work authorization:

(1) H1B1 visa stamp (sticker in passport that allows entry);

(2) valid I-94; AND,

(3) paystubs; AND,

(4) valid LCA.

The 12 month rule creates a dilemma for the H1B1 visa holder.  They have an H1B1 visa stamp in their passport and an approved LCA for 18 months, but only have an I-94 for 12 months. The H1B1 visa holder is only allowed to stay in the USA until the I-94 or LCA expires – whichever expires sooner.

SOLUTION:  If the I-94 is going to expire (but the H1B1 visa stamp and LCA are still valid) the H1B1 visa holder is expected to exit the USA and re-enter (can be done on the same day) using their valid H1B1 visa stamp and valid LCA to re-set the I-94 expiration date and get another 12 months (or whatever they have left on the LCA).

But Wait, I Thought H1B1 Visas were Valid for 18 Months, Not 1 year?

h1b1 visa singapore chileThe validity of an H1B1 visa (the sticker in the passport) refers to the time in which an applicant may apply to enter the USA at a port of entry for admittance into the United States.  The 18 month H1B1 visa sticker in the passport has no bearing on the length of time for which the alien may be admitted.

All the H1B1 sticker does is tell the immigration officers at the port of entry that you can ask for entry on an H1B1 visa.  Then, the immigration officers will decide how long to let you stay in the USA (the rules say no longer than 12 months).

The port of entry officers decide how long the entry to the USA should be by looking at their rules, and they stamp the “real” expiration date (which often differs from the H1B1 visa stamp expiration date) on a page in the passport and they enter it into the I-94 online entry record.

The H1B1 visa holder is not supposed to stay in the USA or work in the USA after the expiration date that was decided upon by the immigration officer at the port of entry – no matter what the H1B1 visa stamp (sticker in passport) indicates.

What is the Designation for the H1B1 Visa on my online I-94 Entry Record?  How Do I Download My I-94 Entry Record?  What If the I-94 Designation is Wrong?

“HSC” is the designation for an H1B1 visa holder for the I-94 system. The I-94 online system does not have enough room to input “H1B1” so the CBP designated “HSC” for H1B1 visas.

However, many airport officers do not know this, and they put H1B instead.

If this happens and you wish to try to fix the I-94, here is the contact info for the CBP immigration airport officers.

Where are these Rules the Immigration Officers at the Port of Entry Use Regarding the 12 Month Length of Stay for H1B1 Visas?

There is a 600 page rule book that the Immigration Officers at the American port of entries (airports and land borders) use called the Inspector’s Field Manual. The “CBP Inspector’s Field Manual ( IFM)”

§15.4 lists all of the nonimmigrant visa classifications and their periods of admission.  On pages 153-154 it states:

“Terms of admission: Admit H1b1 initially for a maximum of one year”

“Notations on I-94 Front: H-1B1, (date to which admitted); I-94 Reverse: Occupation and employer”

“The admission, extension of stay, or change of status may not be for a period longer than 1 year, even if the relevant provision of 8 CFR 214.2 would ordinarily permit the alien’s admission for a longer period.”

If the CBP immigration airport officer grants you an 18 month stay instead of a 12 month stay and you wish to get it fixed, the contact info for the CBP airport officers is here.

Is the H1B1 Visa Renewable? How Do I Renew? Can it Be Renewed Forever?

H1B1 visa status is renewable “indefinitely,” provided that you are able to demonstrate that you do not intend to remain or work permanently in the U.S. (i.e., no green card pending and maintaining ties to your home country). On the other hand, an H1B1 visa holder should not depend on the H1B1 visa to live in the USA permanently.  After about 5 – 6 H1B1 visas, the US government may suspect that the H1B1 visa holder intends to live in the USA permanently and stop granting the H1B1 visa.

There are two ways to renew; either (a) the employer can mail in the renewal 4-6 months ahead of time, or (b) the H1B1 visa holder can ask for a new one at a U.S. Embassy outside of the USA.

The  Chile or Singapore citizen may be asked to prove “residence” in their home country at at the Embassy, and also every time they enter the USA.

Can I work for multiple employers with my H1B1 Visa?

Possibly.  You either need (a) an H1B1 visa stamp (sticker in your passport) with 2 employers’ names on it from the Embassy/Consulate; or, (b) an I-129 I-797 Approval Notice from the USCIS to work for a second employer.

What is the procedure for getting the second H1b1 employer added?

The existence of an LCA alone does not provide authorization to work for a second employer.   Either (a) you go to an embassy/consulate and get a new H1b1 sticker (they will cancel your existing one) with 2 employers’ names/LCA numbers on it;  or (b) the new employer files an I-129/LCA and waits 4-8 months for it to be approved.


In order to request two employers on the H1B1 visa stamp, you must submit multiple sets of documents (two LCAs, two H1B1 job offer letters, etc.).  However, many Consular Officers do not know it is possible to put two employers’ names on the H1b1 visa stamp (sticker).

Sometimes it works to ask a Supervisor.  It is helpful (to the Consular Officers) if an abbreviation of the employer’s name is indicated on the job offer letter (practically speaking, if both employer’s names are too long they simply won’t fit on the sticker).

However, in 2017 my clients’ passports are being returned with only one employer’s name on it (even though they promised to put both on it). If this happens, I highly recommend to ask for a corrected sticker, which will delay the process.

Can I Get My Second H1B1 Visa Employer Approved at the Border?

No. Some of my clients have tried to go to the border of Canada or Mexico and ask that the I-94 records be changed to reflect the second employer’s name/LCA number, but the border officers would not do it. They ended up flying to a U.S. Embassy outside of the USA to get their new H1b1 stamp with two employers’ names on it.

Can I change H1B1 Visa employers?

Yes, but in order to work for a new employer, you must either (a) ask your new employer to mail an application and wait for an I-797A Approval Notice because the H1B1 Visa must be approved before you start work; or (b) go to a U.S. Embassy outside the USA and ask for another H1b1 Visa Stamp (sticker) in your passport with the new employer’s name and LCA number on it, and re-enter the USA.

If you select the mail-in option, just be aware that (a) if you leave the country while it is pending, it will be considered abandoned; and (b) you will not get a new H1B1 visa stamp (sticker) in the mail with the I-797 Approval Notice.  Only the embassies can issue the H1B1 visa stamps.

Does the first H1B1 Visa Have to be Issued by a U. S. Consulate/Embassy?

No, an I-129 application may be mailed to the USCIS to change status to H1B1 Visa if the applicant is already in the USA in a different visa status (but status change is not allowed if you are in the USA in ESTA visa waiver status).

Can I Apply for an American Green Card While in H1B1 Visa Status? Does H1B1 time count towards the H1B 6 year max?

Some visas allow a visa holder to apply for an American green card and others do not.  IT depends on whether the work visa is “single intent” or “dual intent.”  The H1B1 visa is a “single intent” visa which means the holder can only have an intent to work in the USA temporarily.  When a work visa is a “dual intent” visa, like the H1B visa, the visa holder is allowed to pursue permanent residence (a green card) while being in temporary visa status.

A “dual intent” work visa is the H1B Visa. The H1B visas are difficult to get – you have to win the H1B lottery that is held every April.  H1B visas have a 6 year max, unless your green card is pending by the end of the 5th H1B year (in that case you can have an H1B indefinitely). If you switch from H1B1 to H1B, your time in H1B1 visa status is counted towards the H1B 6 year max.

Visas like the H1B1 Visa, E-3 Visa for Australians, as well as the TN Visa for Canadians and Mexicans, are “single intent” visas and that is why the applicant has to demonstrate residence abroad and why simultaneous application for a green card is not supposed to occur.

Is There a 60 Day Grace Period?

Yes. An official 60 day grace period went into effect on January 17, 2017 for nonimmigrant workers in E-1, E-2, E-3, H1B, H1B1, L-1, O-1, and TN status, following the loss of employment during which the visa holder maintains visa status for the purposes of filing for a change or extension of status.

May I be self-employed under the H1B1 Visa?

No, you must work for a US employer.

What if I am a Permanent Resident of Chile or Singapore?

Only Chilean or Singaporean citizens are eligible as H1B1 applicants. However, the H1B1 Visa worker’s spouse and children do not have to be citizens of Chile or Singapore.


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