Customers Review Immigration Attorney Danielle Nelisse

From customer review letters we received from satisfied immigration clients, below we have included excerpts from the actual letters from immigration clients we helped with marriage green cards and work visas:

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “We just received the marriage green card in the mail today! Thank you very much for all of your help and guidance throughout the process.  It was a seamless experience and you were extremely helpful and efficient. We wish you all the best in this new year, and may it bring you more happiness than you can imagine.” Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney from Mr. and Mrs. N-D (Trinidad) 2020 in Washington DC

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “I have never worked with a professional who was able to explain complicated things in as clear, concise and courteous manner as you. You have a real gift for helping and empowering your clients. Thank you very much for all of your help, patience, and guidance over the last 3 years with my E3 visas and H1B visas.” Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney: from Cheryl M. (Australia) 2019, working her dream job in California

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “I just wanted to say a huge thanks Danielle for helping me with the E3 visa application. We were working with such a tight deadline and everything worked out – you were instrumental to that so I wanted to say a massive thanks for your help (and patience and hand holding!)” Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney: from Angela C. (Australia) 2018, happily working in NYC

CUSTOMER REVIEW:  “Thank you for all your support and everything you have done for me. I am so lucky to have found you and plan on referring the student office at the Royal Veterinary College in London to your legal services for foreign veterinarians.  You have been awesome and are very appreciated!” Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney: from Christine D. (United Kingdom) 2017, veterinarian working in the state of Washington

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “I wanted to thank you again for your help during the [citizenship] process.  I really appreciate your professionalism, responsiveness, dedication, attention to details, and how you anticipate possible problems and prepare for them. Combined with your friendly attitude, it makes you someone very enjoyable to work with. Your help and support gave me peace of mind and made my life much easier.  I’m glad I chose you to represent me.”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney: from Fernando C. (Brazil) 2016, new USC residing legally in Texas

CUSTOMER REVIEW:“From the very first conversation we knew that we found a professional that we could trust to guide us through our marriage green card processing. Everything was much easier with your help. Thank you for your professionalism, guidance and your sense of humor.  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney: from Luis and Husband, (Brazil) 2015, residing legally in Tennessee

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “Danielle we cannot thank you enough for leading us with professionalism through this very important process.  We are very grateful to have chosen you as our lawyer for our same sex marriage green card.  It’s been a pleasure – a real pleasure working with you, you’re the nicest, most professional person we have ever known and you’ll never be forgotten!”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  from E.R. and Wife, (Mexico) 2014, residing legally in California

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “Thank you so much for all the care and caution you took for my H1b approval.  It would definitely be an unimaginably tough job without your proper guidance. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during this process. I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work.” Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  from Veterinary Doctor VKS and family, (India) 2014, residing legally in Washington

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “Danielle, after our interview – between all our smiles, tears of joy, and hugs – I couldn’t thank you enough! I have gotten my green card and all is correct on it.  Your help made all the difference. Words hardly seem enough to express our heartfelt thanks for all your help and support.  You always made things clear and easy to understand. You will always have our highest regards and recommendations.”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  from C. and Husband, (Russia) 2013, residing legally in Oklahoma

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “Danielle, I seriously still am in shock that I got it [O-1A work visa] and have looked at the application packet you put together – wow, thank you, it must have taken up a huge amount of your time.  I am very grateful! Thanks again,”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  from Doctor P.R., (Netherlands) 2012, residing legally in New York City

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “I just heard we passed!! [granted marriage green card by consular officer in Spain]. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and generosity. I really appreciate all of it and your respect for the military.  All around you have been a complete pleasure. Throughout this confusing ordeal and me coming and going things might have been crazy, but you were able to pull it all together.  We really couldn’t have done it without you.  Anyone would be lucky to work with you.  I will definitely recommend you to all of my military friends and again thank you, ”   Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney: Captain E and wife L (Spain) 2011, residing legally in Georgia

CUSTOMER REVIEW:  “Danielle, I hope you still remember us. We still remember your kindness in helping us with our case. Because of your help, both of us have our green cards and are going to be graduating from UC Berkeley very soon. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  J and her Sister (South Korea) 2010, residing legally in California

CUSTOMER REVIEW:Alberto and I really appreciate all that you have done for us. You have gone above and beyond our expectations and working with us in spite of our delay in getting our paperwork together [for my marriage green card]. We will highly recommend you to others. Thank you,”   Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney: Michael and Alberto (Peru) 2009, residing legally in Oregon

CUSTOMER REVIEW:  “We were elated to receive approval indicating that T received her approval for permanent residency status yesterday. Many, many thanks for your professional expertise and timely advice. We are both very happy! Kind regards, Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  Michael + T (France) 2008, residing legally in Hawaii

CUSTOMER REVIEW:Thanks so much for working with us and making it easy, and as fun as possible. We go to Wales next week. You have made our dream come true; hopefully we will work together on my [10 year] permanent resident card. So thanks very much, ”   Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  Neil and his Wife (Wales) 2008, residing legally in California

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Thank you for everything and we are happy with your services. My family and friends were surprised that we did not even have a [marriage] green card interview and everything went so smoothly. Also thank you for the information about my traveling back to the Ukraine for vacation. Have a great day!”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  Nataliya and her Husband (Ukraine) 2007, residing legally in Kentucky

CUSTOMER REVIEW:  “I just had a baby and my mum is here helping me. Danielle, I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me over the last 6 years. You have been a great support to myself and several other military friends and family during their [marriage green card] immigration processing. I’m so lucky to have found you!Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney: Misty & her Husband (Australia) 2007, residing legally in Florida

CUSTOMER REVIEW:Just a note to say thank you for the incredibly relaxed atmosphere you provided. You have a very magnetic personality, accented by the truth of gentleness. Not a bad combination at all :-). I’m impressed and honored to have had the opportunity to meet you.”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:   M+ T (Netherlands) 2006, residing legally in Arkansas

CUSTOMER REVIEW:Yesterday went well! The Officer granted us a ten year [marriage] green card! She did not ask us for even half of the information we had, but I was glad to have it just in case we needed it. Thank goodness we brought the copy of the packet that you gave us because the [Immigration] Officer could not find some of the documents and I had to give her the copy out of the packet you put together and sent to us. Thank you for all of your help!”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:   R + L (Russia) 2006, residing legally in Ohio

CUSTOMER REVIEW:Words cannot express how thankful we are to have found someone as trustworthy, generous and helpful as you are!”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  N + D (Belarus) 2006, residing legally in Kentucky

CUSTOMER REVIEW:I think now I will have the [marriage] green card very soon and I know we did a big achievement in a short time – of course because I have a good lawyer like you on my side.”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  A + Family (Iraq) 2005, residing legally in Michigan

CUSTOMER REVIEW:Thank you for all of your help and efforts. We feel more secure to live in the U.S.A. because of you. Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney: H (Vietnam) + P (Taiwan) 2005, residing legally in Colorado

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Have a very good holiday and happy New Year! I’m so glad and lucky to have you in my life. A person like you still gives a good name to a lawyer :). I really appreciate that you are always running “extra miles” to help me. You really changed my attitude toward lawyers because of your hard work and caring heart.”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  S + Family (So. Korea) 2004, residing legally in Arizona

CUSTOMER REVIEW:Thank you so much again for everything that you did. You do so many nice things for others not because you have to but because you want to . . . and that’s what makes them even more special. Thank you again, ”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney: Z + Family (Kuwait/Jordan) 2003, residing legally in California

CUSTOMER REVIEW:We appreciate all of your help on this and constantly thank our lucky stars that we have you as our counsel. Why someone as talented and nice as you would ever choose a career where you’re constantly dealing with the USCIS is beyond our understanding, but we’re very happy that you chose to practice immigration law! All the best for you,”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  C + B (Argentina) 2002, residing legally in New York

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Look how sweet you are to me and to my family. I can’t believe how some lawyers like you do care about their clients. Our family will always remember you with gratitude. Thank you and God bless you,”  Customer reviews for Immigration Attorney:  Dennis + Family (Ghana) 2001residing legally in Massachusetts

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Thank you clients, for your kind words provided in your customer reviews!

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